A 19 yr old girl, whos curriosity has gotten her a reputaions as a made Scientist.


19 yrs of age.
Purple hair.
Black eyes.
Ghost white Skin.

Titles: “Mad Scientist, Greatest genius in the world”.

Scientific Genius.
.Information Broker.


Was a Blooming Magus from the Tower of Bane. (Tower of Bane: A infamous tower where the world greatest magus’s train and exchange knowledge. Dizz was raised and praised for her incredible aptitude for Magicks.

Head master of the Tower of Bane hates here. She is on probation.

She has a habit of going too far when it comes to her research.

One time she tried to make an unlimited power source by taping into the omega core, but ended up ripping up a hole in reality. She ruined King’s sexy party, when the suiters got sucked in.


Jigoku-hen DTKD